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special projects

“12 подвигов Hilux”

12 TV Episodes of Hilux, conquering wild nature and being torture-tested.

All episodes were broadcasted on My Planet TV channel. Together with digital activities in: social media, video blogging, SMM and on-air support.

Famous car-stunt – Мартин Иванов and drift champion – Евгений Ружейников have been testing Hilux at different unexpected circumstances.

All TV  Episodes Mix

Digital Media Activities

SPECIAL PROJECT WITH "casta" rap-band 

TOYOTA CAMRY  product placement –

" Решено" music video

Toyota GT86-event

On August 19th a big event took place.

Big racing show featuring top racing pilots and top-racing sport car GT 86. Both, old and brand-new versions of the legendary vehicle had participated: 1Toyota GT86,  Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 and Toyota Sprinter Trueno.